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Dundee falls is the hidden gem of the area. Located in the hills of Ohio stands the falls and in the Beach city Wilderness Area. The Beach City Wilderness Area was bought to save and preserve nature. There are rivers, steams, hikes, tons of wildlife and waterfalls. It was also established so everyone can enjoy outdoor recreation. Fishing is a popular activity in this area. The river and lakes are jumping with Crappie, Bluegill, Large mouth bass, Bullhead and Northern Pike. Saugeyes are stocked in the lake annually.

The wildlife in the area includes; 
Wood duck, Canadian geese, Cottontail Rabbit, Muskrat, and Raccoons have been spotted in the area. Deer, Foxes, Squirrels, Woodcock are the most common animals seen. Beavers have been seen in the area and created dams, providing a habitat for many mammals of birds, fish, frogs and turtles and more. A verity of migratory and nesting birds can be seen thorough the Beach City Wilderness Area. The waterfall is around fifteen feet tall.

Visitors are amazed at the beauty of the falls and shrubbery surrounding them. Come enjoy the small hike that is fun and enjoyable for all ages. The hike is just over two short miles. The
duration of the hike are small declines and inclines, mostly flat terrain. The trail is unmarked, but has a worn out walkway to follow the whole time. The trail itself is mostly dirt, with some rocks. Come enjoy the hike and scenery with the whole family. Bring some food and a blanket and have  picnic at the top of the falls.